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If one wants to further their education in the field of nursing, which specialty is best? As a nurse practitioner (NP), you’re able to diagnose and treat patients like a doctor but at a lower salary. As certified nurse anesthetist (CRNA), you are able to administer anesthesia like an anesthesiologist. Both have their pros and cons. CRNA gets paid a lot more but are stuck in the operating room. NP are paid less but have more autonomy. Which one should I choose? med medicine nurse undecided

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1 answer

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Willy’s Answer

Hi Ethan! Both these career are very rewarding but my advice to you is choose a career that suits your interest and what your aspiration for your future career. Even if an NP is paid less than the CRNA, but you like what you are doing as an NP. I am pretty sure you would be better off with an NP. It is also true if your interest best fit for a CRNA. I also wanted you to know that both of these career requires you to be certified in these field.

Willy recommends the following next steps:

Start by inquiring about nursing degree in the college near you
Read books in your library about health related topics/subjects including nursing,nurse practitioner,anesthetist ,biology,chemistry,physics,anatomy,physiology.
Ask people in your community who are working as a NP or CRNA so that you will have an idea about these two careers.