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How can I go about networking in college?

Asked Saint Petersburg, Florida

I have a more introverted personality, but understand the importance of networking to help get internships or jobs after college.
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4 answers

Vivek’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

I would like to share my experience for this one.

When I traveled to a different city ad had to switch school, the initial few days were super awkward and boring. I felt completely left out in everything that was going on in my school. As i was from a different place i had problems understanding what the other students were talking. It was harsh.

But i took a bold step and joined the high school club for magazines as a middle school student. The seniors were impressed by my narration skills and wanted me on there editorial board. I happily joined the club and got introduced to many other people and through them i got to know about other student clubs at my school.

There was a point in my life as a student that i was in more student groups than i had subjects in my class. The teachers in my class were proud of me and that made me the popular smarty in the class.

Moral : interact with people who come together as a group for something they like. Be yourself, be humble and most importantly be patient.

Win’s Answer

Updated Minneapolis, Minnesota

Great question! I can't say I was the best at networking in college but I think a few things can be helpful...

Win recommends the following next steps:

  • Join (or start) a club related to your major / future career (also join clubs related to interests / hobbies - you never know where you might meet your next connection, professional or otherwise)
  • Set informational interviews with alumni / local professionals who are working in a similar positions to ones you might be interested in (the alumni network is usually accessible via your career counselor)
  • Set informational meetings with professors who study / research / teach topics relevant to your future career
  • Search for local chapters of relevant professional organizations / associations
  • Attend events / talks given at your college (different departments will often host visiting professors / professionals / graduate students who are notable within their fields). Don't be afraid to introduce yourself afterwards and ask to connect via email, LinkedIn, coffee, etc.

Sabeeh’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Study CCNA syllabus along with Lab on GNS3 simulator. Try to do as much practical as you can. Go through online portal for different scenarios.

Cameron’s Answer

Updated Seattle, Washington

Caprice, you are absolutely correct, networking is very important in college. My best advice would be to develop relationships with your professors. As you get to know them, and they get to know you better, they can become your advocate when it comes time to find a job/internship. They can be very helpful providing introductions, or just pointing you in the right direction!