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Technology and Performing Arts

Updated Lutz, Florida

My father has tried to tell me that the opportunities for Performing Arts majors (vocal - opera singer) are significantly reduced in this day of technology and that less people are going to live performance. I disagree, but maybe he has a point and there will be less opportunities than before. Thoughts? #opera #singing #performing-arts #technology

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Tracy’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

I WOuld disagree. The performing arts are as vibrant as ever. The way technology has impacted careers is that now; rather than competing with your peers for the roles (this is still a strong component) artists are creating their own work to showcase themselves. The real question is: is there anything else you can do and be happy? If you're immediate answer was an emphatic "no!" Then don't focus on whether or not it's viable. Focus on your passion. The only one you are beholden to in this life is yourself. Be practical but don't limit your dreams