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Will out of state tuition go down?

Updated Lutz, Florida

Without going to socialism, any hope of more reciprocity between states concerning out of state tuition? Maybe cut some Board of Regents salaries to get costs down? #college-reciprocity #college #college-tuition #financial-planning

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Paul’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Out of tuition going down? I doubt it. Going up? Probably so. Of course this is just my opinion but it seems unlikely that tuition at any school whether it be in or out of state would go down but you never know given today's economic environment. If states continue to cut funding to colleges and universities in order to balance their budgets, schools will continue to raise tuition across the board. In addition, if schools continue to spend money on amenities to attract students and higher salaries to attract better professors, tuition will continue to rise.

On the other hand I've read stories about small liberal art schools cutting their tuition or at least agreeing not to increase it for a certain number of years in an effort to make it more affordable so you'll have to do some research on the schools you're interested in to know for sure. If you have your heart set on going out of state I would suggest considering a small college that doesn't have a huge disparity between in and out of state tuition.

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