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How can I prepare myself for life after college?

Asked Phoenix, Arizona

Going into college next year, my biggest concern is how close I am to life after college. School becomes such an essential part of life that it is a little scary to think of finally reaching an end to my education in a few years.

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2 answers

Michael’s Answer


Hi Claudia,

It's fantastic you are being so forward-thinking. I would advise that you take the time and enjoy college. Your life is about to change in a great way. College is a time for self-discovery, determining what you want, building lasting friendships and relationships and having life experiences that you will always remember. As you start approaching your final years of college you will have a better handle on what sort of profession you will be pursuing. Once this is in place, work with your academic adviser to explore what sorts of internships, jobs or other sorts of work may be available to you following college. Apply as much as you can while you are in your final year to assist in a transition plan.

Once I had an idea I wanted to continue to pursue a career in business, I applied to several firms in my final semester, received a job and it allowed to me to set up a transition plan to move. You will be just fine, enjoy these next years.



Austin’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington

Claudia, I like your forward thinking. You are correct in saying that life after college is closer than it appears, but this isn't something you should be afraid of. Given that you are going to college next year, you have four years to prepare yourself to the transition into adulthood. During college you will change and mature in ways that are inconceivable right now. You should be planning for life after graduation during college, but it should not be something that gives you anxiety/keeps you up at night.

By working, having internships, attending class, studying, and making friends you will be well equipped by the time graduation comes around to make the transition into adulthood. I just graduated last May and it was a lot less scary than I thought it was. I thankfully had a great job offer in October 2016 so I knew for months what I was going to be doing after graduation and it removed much of the stress that seniors in college feel. If you are worried about post-college life, take the necessary steps to mitigate that anxiety...you are in control. If recruiters from companies/agencies/firms come to your college, sign up and send your resume. Going through recruitment is the easiest way to get a job as these companies are literally coming to you looking to hire!!

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