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Career Questions tagged Lifeaftercollege

Marcus’s Avatar
Marcus Jul 26, 2018 471 views

What Happens if i graduate from college and do not get my dream job?

This Question is explanatory, but It is a serious question that i have never taken into consideration until my senior year of high school. I would just like anyones opinion on the situation and has it happened to anyone before? #college-major #Lifeaftercollege

Genesis’s Avatar
Genesis Jul 14, 2018 513 views

After college, how should you ensure that you're not wasting your degree?

#degree #lifeaftercollege #help #socialsciences

Claudia’s Avatar
Claudia Mar 21, 2018 498 views

How can I prepare myself for life after college?

Going into college next year, my biggest concern is how close I am to life after college. School becomes such an essential part of life that it is a little scary to think of finally reaching an end to my education in a few years.

#lifeaftercollege #adulting