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Career Questions tagged Socialsciences

Yun Ting’s Avatar
Yun Ting May 09, 2020 829 views

What are some online courses I can take to better prepare myself for the future?

I am a social sciences student in university, and am hoping to better prepare myself for my future career. During this pandemic, I hope that I can pick up some skills online, what are some skills I should pick up?

#socialsciences #college #career #personal-development

Genesis’s Avatar
Genesis Jul 14, 2018 537 views

After college, how should you ensure that you're not wasting your degree?

#degree #lifeaftercollege #help #socialsciences

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie May 29, 2018 619 views

What degrees are required besides an MLS to be an Academic Research Librarian?

#librarian #socialsciences #humanities #academia