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Victoria Mar 22, 2019 2662 views

How do I get an opportunity to intern in one of the Big Four accounting firms?

I am currently majoring in Accounting and I will be a Junior next semester (Fall 2019). I am really interested in interning in one of the Big Four (KPMG, YE, PWC, and Deloitte). There are locations near me and I have started applying to two of them, but what do these firms look for in a...

Esther’s Avatar
Esther Dec 17, 2016 1836 views

What is the difference between public and private accounting firms?

Whenever I hear the word "accounting," my mind would immediately think of the four big four firms. I never fully understood what is the difference between the big four (public firms) and private firms that makes the big four, distinguished targeted employers. I learned before that private...

Paige’s Avatar
Paige May 23, 2018 585 views

What's it like as an accountant?

I was wondering what it's like to be one on the daily, like the hours, what I should expect in a workplace, what some unexpected things to the job were; details in general. #business #finance #accountant

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 24, 2020 1475 views

What skill does an accountant need?

#accounting #accountant

Claudia’s Avatar
Claudia Mar 21, 2018 455 views

How can I prepare myself for life after college?

Going into college next year, my biggest concern is how close I am to life after college. School becomes such an essential part of life that it is a little scary to think of finally reaching an end to my education in a few years.

#lifeaftercollege #adulting

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Marcus Jul 26, 2018 414 views

What Happens if i graduate from college and do not get my dream job?

This Question is explanatory, but It is a serious question that i have never taken into consideration until my senior year of high school. I would just like anyones opinion on the situation and has it happened to anyone before? #college-major #Lifeaftercollege