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what steps do you have to become to be a surgen?

I been watching a show call grey anatomy and i see the process of what they do when their in the room but how long do you have to be on internships for and how much will you make? What is it like to be working in a room? #medicine #healthcare #surgery #surgeon

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1 answer

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Emmawilson’s Answer


The most basic steps in becoming a surgeon are the following:

1. go to college (4 years) and meet the requirements to get into medical school--these prerequisites often include a year of general biology (with lab), a year of general chemistry (with lab), a year of organic chemistry (with lab), a year of physics (with lab), perhaps a semester of biochemistry and genetics, as well as english and humanities courses.

2. take the MCAT

3. attend medical school (4 years)

4. complete residency (for surgeons this ranges from 5 to 7 years)

It's a long process! And it's difficult work, but there's a lot of demand for surgeon and surgeons are paid very well. To learn more about being a surgeon and whether this might be a good fit for you, I'd recommend taking a look at this website:

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