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What is my future

If my strengths are technology and my hobbies are soccer what types of career or industries might fit best for me? #soccer #technology

Agreed, I come from a telecommunications company, and companies such as ESPN, At&T are very involved in sports, it’s a huge part of our industry now. Try and narrow it down for us Shawn Delegal

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4 answers

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Jing’s Answer

If I were you, I would like to become a teacher in university. When I feel mentally tired due to work, I will go play soccer to clear my mind. Also, as a teacher I will also have breaks when students are on school holidays. During my break I could join soccer camp to improve my soccer skills.

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Dick’s Answer

Being a soccer player myself (just coed adult leagues now, haha) and knowing how much fitness plays a role in it you might look into companies that are building software products in the fitness industry space. Think companies like Strava or Garmin. These are great companies that combine your interest in sports with technology.

Dick recommends the following next steps:

Check out www.strava.com/careers or https://careers.garmin.com/en-US/ to see what job opportunities they have and if they match to your skillsets.

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Pat’s Answer

Hi Rocio! What kind of technology? Computer programming? Robotics? Do you like math? And being an athlete is always a great thing - you develop discipline, learn strategy, and practice teamwork. All those skills are transferable to most career choices.

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Smaran’s Answer

Hi Rocio,

Your question is very interesting and challenging to answer I did little research before answering. You know it's not just Soccer or any other sport.

Any sport including soccer use many technologies during the match. You need Software engineers for building multiple mobile apps to softwares that interact with data/live data. You need network engineers to make sure the data is secure and transferred across every device seamlessly. You need hardware engineers to build multiple computers and machines for the data and interaction in sport. You need data engineers to analyze the huge data/stats and broadcast them while you are watching live. You have many new technologies like wearable technologies and video streaming technologies for which engineers work. You do need communication engineers who make sure to stream this data live to the entire nation or world.

The above is one side of story where you will work on your favorite sport but you don't get to play. But you can be a professional sports guy and an engineer as well if both are your passion, There are many people who worked as Engineers and became a professional in sports or the art they love and there are others who have been in sports and after retire became engineers.

Being both at the same time is very hard thing to do, you can have one thing as your hobby and one as a passion/living to be successful in one.

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