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I am inspirational, honest, hard worker, creative and I always try my best for my results to come out accurate if not with what is expected. Can these strengths of mine help me in the path of being a future RN?

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2 answers

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Ali’s Answer

If you have these points, then you are very good, I advise you to draw a diagram of your lines, a preliminary diagram in which you write close targets, and a second diagram in which you write distant targets, this will benefit you in focusing well on your future with the help of these beautiful points that you have. Good luck to you

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Ashish’s Answer


The strength of any individual is their tolerance and patience level.

How much you become tolerant and add patience into you it will change the graph of your life.

I am also very much fond of music and whenever i get a chance i sang. And see I am not only a singer.

Struggle for whatever you want to become but never compromise self respect and you will achieve the best career industry.

Thank you

Thank you for replying and taking your time. Wendy C.