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Career Questions tagged Allergist

Maiya’s Avatar
Maiya Aug 05, 2021 338 views

How many year in college does it take to become and allergist?

My dream job I always wanted is to become an allergist but I would like to know how long the schooling would take. #doctor #allergist #college

Carmen’s Avatar
Carmen May 27, 2018 481 views

If I wanted to be a doctor that helps other people with Celiac disease, what type of doctor would I want to become?

Would an Allergist or Immunologist be helping anyone with autoimmune diseases? #Celiac #Coeliac #Doctor #Allergist #Immunologist

Desiree’s Avatar
Desiree Feb 08, 2017 641 views

How much money will you make being a doctor?

My name is Desiree , I am 15 years old. My mom works at the hospital , I look up to her and want to do what she does. I would love to take care of people or be a pediatrician. #pediatrician #neurosurgeon #medical-assistant #dermatologist #epidemiologist #allergist #physiologist