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What are the chances of being hired as a Customer Service Rep for a fintech?

I applied a week ago yesterday, and got rejection email on Monday of this week. They're looking for BA/BS "or something similar". Even though they rejected me, they did invite me "to apply again later.". I'm currently on SSI since October 1995 and an ex felonx2 that's been "on the straight and narrow" since my release 28 years ago (7/14/95). My conviction state has passed a law that now prohibits me from even attempting to apply for a pardon due to new legislation. I have successfully completed parole in June 2001, never been in trouble since. I don't drink, party, used illegal drugs and as of today, 15 days smoke free. In short, I want to make my life better, be a taxpayer again, and go from there.

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