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Career Questions tagged Nursingprograms

Della-Rae’s Avatar
Della-Rae Feb 16, 2021 375 views

My name is Della-Rae and I have always had an interest in both adventure and travel, along with the general look upon being somewhere in the medical field. With this, my dream is to become an International Traveling Registered Nurse. My problem is I have no idea where to even start. I know I unfortunately have a late start, due to the fact that I have not applied to any colleges what so ever yet, let alone have any idea what programs I need to complete in order to start my career... But i'm willing to start here and now, and seek the advice I need literally anywhere that I can get it! If you have any advice that can help me, please reach out to me via this website or even through email, Thank you so much! #InternationalNursing #RN #Travel #NursingPrograms #WhereToStartInNursing

Hello, Looking on where to start in my career. My desire is become and International Traveling Registered Nurse. I don't even know where to start with schooling, like what programs to start with, who to talk to, etc. If you are someone who is currently in, associated with, or familiar with...

Tayler’s Avatar
Tayler Jul 24, 2018 461 views

Are certain nursing programs better for a career in working in the NICU then others? If so, which ones?

I am currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado and plan on going to college here as well and work at the Children’s Hospital currently being built. There are many nursing programs offered and I just would like to know if certain ones would be better for a future career working in the NICU...