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Aiming 4.0 GPA

Currently, I am studying a Computer Engineering at well known university in Turkey.My primary goal is to get Master degree on Computer Science in one of the best schools in the world (e.g MIT,CMU,Stanford).I know it's hard to get into these schools,since a plenty of students compete around the world.As a first year student,I think I should get a very good GPA for this purpose.However,even though I really worked hard for my first midterms,I will probably get a GPA somewhere around 3.0-3.2.It may seems very good,but for my purpose its not enough.The bad part is,I could really get +3.5 If I did not make mistakes due to my carelessness.Fot this reason,achieving a 4.0 GPA seems almost incredible to me.I have not got a problem about consistent work,but as I said I have an attention problem during any exam.How can I overcome this and improve my GPA? #gpa #master #cs #grade #ivy #league #average #point

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