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Mechanical engineering or Polymer Engineering

Hey I guys I really need help about this: well I must tell more about myself. I have just finished my high school and Im applying for Universities in Iran. I have a good chance to apply the toppest Universities in Iran. My father is an CEO and Founder of a plastic company(which creates polymers such as BMC ,SMC) well its not a big company but its acceptable. I am also able to immigrate to other countries in Europe and USA and etc. . Well my goal is to become a great CEO or be founder of a successful company and I don't know really in which field I have interest, but plastics and these things are my first selects. So which one will you select? Polymer Engineering or Mechanical Engineering? also I will be pleased if you give me more information if you have. If you think there is other subjects I could I study please tell me. Sincerely, Borna B #polymer #mechanical #CEO #factory #entrepreneur

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