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Grafton, Ohio
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I am interested in being some kind of Agricultural worker, I am not exactly sure what kind though, currently I have been looking at the chemical and spraying aspect of agriculture.

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Braden Oct 27, 2020 395 views

What are the tasks of an Agricultural Engineer?

What are the educational requirements to become an AG engineer. What are some of the things that an AG Engineer is able to work on throughout the day? Is most of the stuff all hands on activities, or is most of the work on computer programs? How long are the hours that these engineers...

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Braden Oct 27, 2020 575 views

What is the daily life like of a pilot?

I realize that every one is different, and that every company is different, but in general how long are pilots away from home for? Do most of them pretty much live in hotels in different cities, or do they usually get to be home quite a bit? Also, about how long will it usually take to get a...

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Braden Oct 27, 2020 492 views

What is it like be a pesticide handler?

I know that this is kind of a broad question, but I am just curious to see what pesticide handlers do on a daily basis. I am pretty interested in handling the chemicals and working with the sprayers/applicators and being able to set up the chemicals and everything by myself. I recently got a...

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Braden Oct 27, 2020 535 views

What is the daily life of working on a logging crew?

I am interested in working on a logging crew, but I am worried about the daily life. Do these people typically get to come home every night, or do they just live on site the whole time? Is there really any educational requirements after a high school diploma? Are there any special licenses...