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Sid Nov 02, 2021 252 views

What college can teach me?

I will like help in learning in Law informant, criminal justice, and to be a pilot learn how to fly. #helpplease

A’Lyse’s Avatar
A’Lyse Nov 04, 2021 450 views

Looking for part time employment

I will be graduating in December 2021. My degree is in integrative studies w concentrations in economics, financial planning, African and African American studies, leadership and communications within organizations.
I am looking for part-time or flexible full time employment. #career-counseling

Tracey’s Avatar
Tracey Nov 05, 2021 310 views

How would you describe college life? Is it very stressful? Memorable?

I'd like to know more about how college really is. I hear a lot of people saying that it's stressful and mentally draining, but also one of the most memorable moments of your life. I'd like to know more about how different college is from high school. #college

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Sep 01, 2017 522 views

What field of education is the best to pursue?

There are different areas to specialize in like elementary vs high school vs ESE