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shonali Feb 15, 2021 1272 views

Is astrophysicist a good career choice?

I love physics and mathematics and I am also a mad fan of science friction, so is Astrophysicist a good career choice for me? I also love to dance, I post videos, so would I be able to continue dance after becoming an astrophysicist? #career

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shonali Feb 13, 2021 418 views

What should be the best job when you love science?

I love physics very much but I am a little confused about which career should I pick? I want to have a nice job but also something in which I could get time for different activities. The career I wanna pick will not let me do anything else and the career which will let me do something else, I...

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shonali Feb 12, 2021 569 views

What should I do when I want to have a career but also continue my hobby?

I love physics and mathematics but I also want to follow my hobby i.e. dancing with it. So what should I do so that I can have a good job and also focus on dancing. #career-choice