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Surat, Gujarat, India

Within 40 mile radius
Kosha’s Avatar
Kosha Jul 25 233 views

Inquiry about Ba in Psycology and Ba in English ??

Heyy there !
I want to know what is the best course and which course will have great scope in future ..
which course have opportunities towards MA in mass communication ??

Help me here please !

Kosha’s Avatar
Kosha Jul 08 159 views

What vast opportunities do i have after doing Ba in English

is Ba in English a best course ? after Ba can i do Ma in Mass Comm ?

what are the career options after Ba in English

Am i on a right track ! please help me on this

Thank you !

shonali’s Avatar
shonali Feb 15, 2021 332 views

Is astrophysicist a good career choice?

I love physics and mathematics and I am also a mad fan of science friction, so is Astrophysicist a good career choice for me? I also love to dance, I post videos, so would I be able to continue dance after becoming an astrophysicist? #career

Bhavika’s Avatar
Bhavika Jan 07, 2018 445 views

I want to become a legal advisor but unaware about the field I should practice in

I am a llb student ,bt don't know what should a practice to become a legal advisor. Should I practice intellectual property or finance or negotiable instrument or something else.?#law #lawstudent #legaladvisor #practicinglaw

shonali’s Avatar
shonali Feb 12, 2021 278 views

What should I do when I want to have a career but also continue my hobby?

I love physics and mathematics but I also want to follow my hobby i.e. dancing with it. So what should I do so that I can have a good job and also focus on dancing. #career-choice

shonali’s Avatar
shonali Feb 13, 2021 206 views

What should be the best job when you love science?

I love physics very much but I am a little confused about which career should I pick? I want to have a nice job but also something in which I could get time for different activities. The career I wanna pick will not let me do anything else and the career which will let me do something else, I...

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