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kanika M. May 06, 2016 592 views

What is Airlines?

Hi I am kanika.I am studying in 10 std. #airlines...


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Anudari A. May 12, 2016 440 views

What camera and lens would be good for blogging?

I'm a complete beginner to photography, but I'm open to learning and improving my skills. I want a camera that can auto focus, make minimum shutter noise, can also be used for taking videos. I don't mind the make of the camera, it can be anything from Canon to Samsung. But, aside from my own...

#camera #lens #dslr

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Sharmilla H. Feb 26 91 views

How do I make my resume stand out when I don't have any work experience?

I'm a final year student who has to go into the corporate world soon. However, it's hard writing and building my resume because I have no previous work experience. How can I stand out? #job #work #employment...