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Neiko A.

San Francisco, CA
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I want to complete my Associates degree within 2 years, so I can transfer to a 4-year university where I can pursue a nursing major.



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Neiko A. Apr 15 184 views

Is there a certain age where you should find your career job?

I was wondering if there is a certain age where we must find a career job. Can you be around 35-40 when you choose to pursue a certain career? jobs career...


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Neiko A. Apr 14 139 views

When you become a Nurse Practitioner, what specialties are there?

I am a high school student wondering what kind of specialty you can choose when you are a Nurse Practitioner? Is there a small amount of choices you can pursue? career-options...


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Neiko A. Apr 14 99 views

How many school years did it take for you to become an NP?

I am currently a high school student and unsure about the steps to take before you actually become a Nurse Practitioner. medical...