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Dalton, Massachusetts
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I'm interested in psychology, interior designing, and possibly business... I want to enjoy what I do but also make a good amount of money.

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Alexis Jun 08, 2021 581 views

What colleges offer the best psychology courses

The main thing I want to do for a career is help people, and psychology has always interested me, I am wondering what colleges to look into #college #psychology

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Alexis Jun 08, 2021 447 views

What are create ways to stand out for colleges

When it comes to essays and projects I am curious as to what I can do to make a difference and colleges picking. #college-bound

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Alexis Jun 08, 2021 430 views

What are programs I can do to better prepare myself for college?

I am curious if there are programs that make me stand out from the rest when preparing for college. #college