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Atlantic, Iowa
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I plan on taking over the family farm operation someday, which includes feeding cattle, and raising corn and soybeans.



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Daniel Aug 26 94 views

Would it be better to own your on shop, or to work for another big shop?

I was wondering this, to see which one is worth more of your time. Which would be more successful, a mechanic that owns his own shop, or one that works for a shop?

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Daniel Aug 26 108 views

As a Ranch hand, do the Ranchers require you to be BQA certified?

I am asking this question, because some packing houses require you to be BQA certified.
BQA - Beef Quality Assurance

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Daniel Aug 26 66 views

What is the maximum amount of hours you can get per week?

I am wondering how many hours I can get per week, so I can see what the max amount of money.