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Leizl May 27, 2016 753 views

What did you tell yourself to get you through tough times in nursing school?

I'll be starting nursing school (hopefully) in about a year from now. I've heard it's incredibly rough and will challenge me in ways I never have been challenged before. During times when you felt hopeless or like you would never make it out alive, what did you do/tell yourself? How did you...

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Leizl May 27, 2016 1049 views

What is the most rewarding, yet difficult experience you've had with a patient as a nurse so far?

I know nursing is for me, but I've always been worried about the emotional strain this career may have on me. By nature I like to think I am a caring person and its not uncommon for me to get emotionally invested in people quickly. I'm afraid that interacting with those who are in pain or in a...