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What is the most rewarding, yet difficult experience you've had with a patient as a nurse so far?

I know nursing is for me, but I've always been worried about the emotional strain this career may have on me. By nature I like to think I am a caring person and its not uncommon for me to get emotionally invested in people quickly. I'm afraid that interacting with those who are in pain or in a difficult situation so often will make things hard on me emotionally. Though this fear of mine is not large enough to keep me from pursuing this amazing career, any uplifting story would help ease my worries. Thank you! #nurse #nursing #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

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Dealing with patients whose body image is altered because of a stroke and have thus lost mobility and independence as well as burn victims is difficult. I agree with what has been expressed by Angela Coffman, as far as having a good social life. Having outlets that have nothing to do with illness, that focus on healing and are life giving is energizing to one's spirit. It is important to remain positive about life in the midst of the suffering one sees as a nurse. A strong relationship with a loving Higher Power is key to remaining positive. Remembering that I serve a mighty God is empowering. I am an instrument in His Hands!
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I think the most emotionally draining one often are the most rewarding. You have to learn how to deal with it when you leave work in a healthy way that keeps you sane and safe. Exercise, reading, social groups, animals, etc. Being sensitive and empathetic will be an asset! 😊
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For me, seeing people trapped in a bed all day is the hardest. And in pain, and not able to take it away. I am still struggling with this. It is hard to see people completely mentally intact; but unable to move and in intense pain. Sometimes they are dependent on a ventilator, are fed through a tube, and have massive wounds. In my mind, this is an awful fate and I cannot make sense of it.
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