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melanie B. Aug 16, 2016 735 views

What are the top 3 skills or attributes employers look for in prospective public relations/press/advertising employees?

We all know the basics that employers look for: good work ethic, great listener, and skilled in their field. Are there any specific differences that employers look for in a press team? marketing-and-advertising...


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melanie B. Aug 16, 2016 461 views

Every company needs a publicity team. When recruiting new employees for such a task, what major usually appeals most to employers (Advertising or Public Relations)?

All my life I have wanted to represent companies with with press and Advertising, but so few colleges have advertising as a major. Whenever I say I want to go into advertising, adults wince. For these reasons I am a little hesitant to pursue this major. It would be so nice to hear from people...