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Ayanna A. Aug 19, 2016 782 views

If you've ever doubted your ability to do great in your dream career, does that mean that you're not cut out for it or is that completely normal?

I had a bad experience with a terrible former employer who used to belittle me and downplay my work ethic. After that experience, I spent a month reflecting, wondering if I was indeed bad at my job. While I no longer believe the awful things she said to me, sometimes I look back and wonder if...

#communications #journalism #editing #internships #public-relations #writing

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Tiffanie L. Aug 26, 2016 828 views

How can I get more job responses?

It seems as if there is a very unlikely chance that jobs will call me back if I apply online, but the only way to apply is through different websites. How can I get more job responses /interviews back to the jobs that I apply...