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Ava Oct 18, 2023 1469 views

What is the highest pay for being a horse trainer?

Hi, I was wondering what the highest pay for being a horse trainer is. I want to know because I would like to have some horse and take care of and ride at home.

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Ava Oct 18, 2023 173 views

Do you travel a lot and go to events?

Hi, I was wondering if you travel a lot to get the events and places to train the horses. Do you go to events with the horses and people you train and help there?

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Ava Oct 17, 2023 293 views

Do you have to work with young horses and get a saddle on them?

When working with young horses they can act up when putting the saddle on. And putting a saddle on and working with them on that can take a long time and a type of skill. I wanted to know if you work with young horses or if a different kind of person does. I was also wondering if it can take a...