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Ellen Oct 30, 2016 4214 views

What is the difference between computer-engineering and computer-science?

Since I want to decide which one would fit me better before I go into college, I want to weigh out the differences. #computer-science #computer-engineering

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Ellen Oct 30, 2016 747 views

What are universities out of country, particularly in England are leading in computer-engineering or engineering?

I am interested in this field and also looking out for more options. #computer-science #computer-engineering

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Ellen Oct 30, 2016 862 views

Which liberal arts university is known for computer-engineering or the engineering field?

I want to go into a small liberal arts college and would like to know some that specialize in the majors that I am looking for. #computer-science #computer-engineering

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Ellen Oct 26, 2016 858 views

What kind of volunteer opportunities are there for students going into the computer engineering field? Is it too late to start as a junior?

I want to pursue a career in this field and am not sure if I qualify to be in it. #computer-science #computer-engineering

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Ellen Oct 26, 2016 1011 views

Which colleges have prestigious computer engineering programs?

I think that knowing my options as someone who wants to go in this path is a good way to get started when considering different colleges to go to. #computer-science #computer-engineering

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Ellen Oct 26, 2016 850 views

What is computer engineering? What kind of occupation can you get with this major?

I am interested in majoring in computer engineering and want to know what it is. #computer-science #computer-engineering