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Cassidy P. Oct 26, 2016 624 views

Is it really and truly possible to succeed in a solid career and also pursue other dreams in a completely different field such as art?

I really like art, but I don't know if I want to major in it, but I sure don't want to give it up either. I would like a steady and decent paying job but also to keep up with my art skills. #counselor #carter #personal-development...


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Cassidy P. Oct 26, 2016 354 views

I was wondering what kind of program or field of study within biology might deal with researching and experimenting with STEM cells and what progress is being made?

We have just been learning about STEM cells in my honors bio class, and just the thought that these cells can become anything is incredible to me, and it reminds me that i also can become anything, maybe even a biologist....