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Walner Apr 08, 2014 1052 views

How would a day in the life of a research technician look like?

I love to to research random topics I am interested in. A major portion of my free time consists of using google. Is a major in the field of research vastly different from what imagine it to be? #research

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Walner Apr 08, 2014 1924 views

How would you determine if you are interested in the game design industry?

As a high school student, I don't have many, if any, opportunities to take a summer program/internship that is directly related to video games. What character traits are essential as a game designer? Is game design comparable to any other profession? #video-games

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Walner Apr 07, 2014 1754 views

How much does someone with a creative writing major make right out of college?

Hello, I am a junior in high school and I've been putting a lot of thought into what I want to major in in college. Since a child, I've always put priority into a career I am interested in rather than the amount of money I make; however, I've realized that I should also place money as an...