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Zoe Jan 16, 2018 637 views

What is a day like for an Emergency Management Professional?

I will be going for a Masters in Emergency Management after I attain my Bachelors in Public Adminstration from UCF with a minor in emergency management. After getting my Bachelors I want to spend a year of service with FEMACorp to make sure this is a field I could love. If I had a better idea...

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Zoe Jan 16, 2018 488 views

I'm eligible for merit scholarships in every category but SAT scores. My highest score is 1260, which isn't bad, but its not enough for most scholarships. Any tips on finding other scholarships?

My SAT scores are the only low point in my college resume. Otherwise, I graduate high school with a full AA degree from dual enrollment, 3 varsity sports for 4 years (captain for 2), member of National Honor Society, 16/691 rank with straight A's, as well as holding 2 jobs, an internship, and...