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Posted on Jan 19, 2018

Elementary School Teacher

Context: With such an explosive growth in today's populations, more and more kids are finding themselves in crammed in public schools, dropping out to obtain jobs, or following the statistics of troubled youth. Most of this is caused by limited budgets in the school districts, limited funds to provide more schools, lack of teachers, school supplies, and limited access to social programs. Not only are we facing increasing numbers of kids in schools, but also, a good majority of them also lack meals to provide body and mind proper growth and potential.
College: CSU Monterey Bay is the college I will be attending, this is because of the teacher's program that is a combine BA-MA in one, with credentials. The school also offers an internship program geared at teaching in the public school to provide hands on experience.
Other Education: I currently possess computer science skill certifications that I plan on using to combine with my teacher's pathway.
Activities: volunteer tutor working with reading/writing perform library clean up and donates used books to local schools perform park clean up and work with other clubs to do wetlands
Job Experience: Teacher's Assistant with Antioch School District were I work with Sp Ed department 2016-Current tutor Apple IPad and Tablet Tutoring 2013-2015 Volunteer Tutor 2005-2009
Soft Skills: programming languages c++, visual basic great with computers, can operate mac and pc time management and flexible
Hard Skills: Computer Science Certificates Typing speed 70 wpm +
Other: Honor Student Won 2nd place academic competition

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Melissa W. Jan 19, 2018 194 views

What grade level is it best to start working in?

Ok, so lets say you completed the education requirements, and became a teacher. Now your a beginner elementary school teacher. What grade level would you recommend starting as? #teaching-prek-12...


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Melissa W. Jan 19, 2018 207 views

Should I look at teaching abroad for experience?

I enjoy tutoring so much, that I decided to work on becoming a teacher. While I am working on the education process: i.e. degree and credentials, I was wondering If I should also look to teaching abroad for job experience? #study-abroad...