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Angie Jan 21, 2018 1011 views

What are some tips you can give to someone who is job interviewing and the person who is doing your interview is two times younger then you and you sense that the age difference is not an issue for you but seems to make the interviewer uncomfortable?

I have been within the work force for some time; 30 years to be exact; I am running into interviewers that are younger and find themselves thrown by interviewing me. The 80/20 rule of interviewing goes out the window and they seem to do all the talking like they are the ones selling...

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Angie Jan 21, 2018 488 views

If this is your second act in life how do you find a way to keep up with all the tech that is available to people out there and how do you incorporate it into your study habits?

I am a single mom in my late 40's and recently went back to school to further my education level and career goals; I want to become a grant writer. This career change has been after years in business and helping my for profit hardline goods companies make more for their bottom lines. I want...