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Kathryn W. Jan 22, 2018 234 views

What are ways that a veterinarian can lend their skills to other species of animals should they decide to not become specialized?

I have noticed a problem that has often appeared when people have or own pets that require care, which are usually turned away because a vet only specializes with specific species, or they must travel a great distance in order to get the care their animal needs. Especially in agricultural...

#learn-more-to-do-more #veterinarian

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Kathryn W. Jan 22, 2018 241 views

What are some obstacles that a veterinarian will face should they desire to open their own practice?

I hope to open my own practice after I have fulfilled all the requirements to become one, but I would like to know the pros and cons of going solo instead of joining a clinic, animal hospital, or organization. #veterinary #animals...