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Daphne R. Apr 05, 2018 252 views

I am interested in fire science. Are there any professionals willing to share their experience on how they became a firefighter?

My grandfather was chief fire inspector for the state of Hawaii. He was really good at what he did. I heard most of the stories from my father, who would tag along during the days of his youth. My father even regretted not going into the fire department. I've heard about the benefits in working...

#fire-fighter #department #fire-investigator #firefighting

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Daphne R. Apr 05, 2018 174 views

For physical therapists.. to go into programs accredited by CAPTE, would schools consider choosing students who've gotten health related majors?

I'm looking into physical therapy. The CAPTE programs in universities like San Francisco and Sacramento don't have any references on what majors would work well for the student. I'm not confident yet if I want to go on this field, but it would help. #physicaltherapy...