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Ansley Sep 28, 2018 584 views

Do you prefer urban, suburban, or rural campus and why?

I don't have much opportunity to visit and huge variety of colleges and was wondering what others thought of these main settings for a college campus

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Ansley Sep 28, 2018 493 views

Why do people prefer living off campus?

I understand the pros and cons of living on campus, I'd like to here some perspectives of those who enjoyed an off campus experience.

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Ansley Aug 29, 2018 495 views

What are some resources to find a roommate?

If I go to a school where I know no one, I'd really like to move in having already bonded with my roommate. What are some resource I can use? #college

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Ansley Aug 29, 2018 535 views

Where are the best internship opportunities in regards to a theatre major?

I want to attend a school where I can be successful outside of the classroom as well as in. #theatremajor