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Brentwood, Tennessee

Within 40 mile radius
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blake Apr 04 553 views

which is the best ste to create a website?

website sites

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harrison Mar 31 304 views

what career is good?

learning about career choice

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Francia Mar 30 313 views

What are my chances of getting admitted to Vanderbilt?

Vanderbilt is a goal of mine. What are my chances so far as a Tennessee resident junior with 35 ACT composite, 4.0 GPA, multiple APs (all 5s so far), but basically no extracurriculars because of my family situation? I'm learning how to program via an online python course and am also working on...

Lynn’s Avatar
Lynn Feb 28 540 views

When is it best to apply to post-production jobs?

About what months are best to apply to entry level jobs in post-production? i know the industry is a bit in flux at the moment, but I'd appreciate any advice.

Elysia’s Avatar
Elysia Feb 07 614 views

Are there jobs available for English majors ?

I enjoy writing and I am curious to hear if/what kind of jobs are available for English majors. I know about some but I would like to hear details about ones that I haven't considered.

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billy Jan 19 782 views

what is the best way to learn math ? how i can advanced in learn math online courses or other way that fits me ? why online courses is the best from other way ?

what is the best way to learn math ?
how i can advanced in learn math online courses or other way that fits me ?
why online courses is the best from other way ?

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zack Dec 18, 2023 283 views

how do i apply for a job?

hey am name is zack and am from teenee and i attand mcgavock high school and i have a question about how do i apply for a job and how do i start saving my money.

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Dec 06, 2023 362 views

Why is finding a job that fits my personality important?

Why is this important?

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Nov 17, 2023 425 views

What is the best way to find the college that suits my major?

I am junior in high school who is interested in majoring in psychology.

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Kynleigh Nov 10, 2023 523 views

What is the best way to establish yourself in the music industry as an artist?

what are some events that you recommend attending?
Things you recommend doing?

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milly Oct 04, 2023 336 views

How can I find and get good scholarships?

I want has many openings to help me get into college and help be able to afford it.

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Jayson Oct 02, 2023 242 views

How hard is it living by yourself after college?

Hi, my name is Jayson. And although I am currently in school in 9th. I was just wondering how difficult it is living on your own after you finish school whether you choose to stop after high school or continue onto a 2-4 year college.

Jayson’s Avatar
Jayson Oct 02, 2023 195 views

How hard is it living on your own after college?

Hi my name is Jayson and although I have not yet finished school and am currently in high school. I just want to know how difficult life is outside of school once you grow up and get your own place.

Zara’s Avatar
Zara Oct 01, 2023 150 views

How much does it generally cost for colleges in the US?

I know I'm a couple years away before college but I'm just curious and want an adults intake on this. And whether a 4 year or two college is better. And as an adult deciding to finish school.

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Sep 28, 2023 238 views

How to find and pay for college program abroad?

I am seeking a college Masters program that will accept professional experience in lieu of a bachelor's degree. Additionally, I am a single mother looking to find funding for a program abroad. Thank you for your time.

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