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Northville, New York
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My dream career is to become a Digital Designer/Digital Media Artist working for Google.

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Cierra Oct 15, 2018 819 views

In a job interview, I often hear that despite it being illegal, there are questions such as age and sexuality asked. What is a good way to get around this?

According to various sources (including personal contacts), interviewers sometimes break the law in terms of personal questioning. Of course that would make the interview difficult, and so I wonder what some tips are to help cirumvent this.

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Cierra Oct 15, 2018 593 views

What is an easy way out find out if a college professor isn't good at their job before taking their class?

In the past, I have had poor experiences with signing up for professors that have no passion or little expertise in the topic that they choose. It feels like a gamble, honestly. I am aware of sites that have student reviews on professors, but only two of mine in my entire college are on any of...