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Vancouver, Washington
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I am a student studying Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations. I am interested in working for a start up organization in the travel industry, and working in the non profit sector. I enjoy any opportunities to volunteer and to travel to other countries.

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Celia Jul 18, 2020 760 views

What are some ways college students can build up their resume during COVID-19?

#skills #collegestudents #coronavirus #JULY20

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Celia Jul 18, 2020 583 views

What is the best type of internship a journalism student should apply for?

#internships #communicationstudent #JULY20

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Celia Mar 26, 2020 454 views

What is the largest limitation working in the field of public relations?

I am currently at studying Communications with an emphasis in PR at Utah Valley University. I enjoy long conversations, reading books, and traveling to new countries.