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Neeraj Jan 15, 2016 1020 views

give me list of job at entry level that will add experience in netorkning field and that is easy to get a job after completing degree in cse

is technical support job add experience in networkning field ?
which job add experience in networking field ??
what is difference between L1 support or technical support ?? #networking #sql

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Neeraj Jan 15, 2016 1232 views

i have plan to start carrier in networking field . i have done BE in computer science 2015 batch . i have question for fresher where i should start my carrier at entry level that will add in my experience in order to get job in MnC networking field

since first its only field where i can have fun while doing job !! i dont know which filed is good for me (being a fresher ) to make carrier in networkig field i have done ccna certificattion
#networking #testing #sql