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Jas’s Avatar
Jas Apr 25, 2020 649 views

Should I consider pharmacy or dentistry here in the uk?

I understand dentistry definitely pays more but would pharmacy also pay decent enough to live a comfortable life and also be able to spend on holidays and family as an example or is just a lot of education for rough pay? Because here in the uk it takes the same amount of time to do both degrees...

Jas’s Avatar
Jas Apr 24, 2020 663 views

Very confused as to whether I should wait a year to do dentistry or go into pharmacy this year

I have the grades to do both courses but in order to get into dentistry I need to redo an exam and wait a year. Yet I could go into pharmacy this year if I want. The real issue is I don’t know which career to go for because of the life style after the degree. I want to live a comfortable life...