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Very confused as to whether I should wait a year to do dentistry or go into pharmacy this year

I have the grades to do both courses but in order to get into dentistry I need to redo an exam and wait a year. Yet I could go into pharmacy this year if I want. The real issue is I don’t know which career to go for because of the life style after the degree. I want to live a comfortable life that allows me to travel and have fun. #pharmacy

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5 answers

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Michelle’s Answer

I was in a similar position many years ago when I was trying to decide between medical, veterinary, and pharmacy school. I chose pharmacy school, and I think it’s been a great field. Fortunately pharmacy offers many career path options- hospital, retail, managed care, academic and research, Pharma, consulting, etc. I sometimes travel for work and have always been able to travel around the world for fun. I think it’s a great field for work/life balance!

How did you make this decision? Was there a process or a gap year maybe ? Also you mention travelling, when do you get to do this with regards to work. I understand we are in different countries but do you think pharmacy pays well enough for you to live a comfortable/ stress free life eg able to pay all necessary things and then also to spend on family and have fun. Also what is your role so do you work in a pharmacy or a doctors surgery ? Thank you and Sorry for all the questions I just hope it will help me understand more, Jas K.

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Valerie’s Answer

Do you have any idea what you would do during your gap year, maybe work as a dental hygienist? Also, you cannot guarantee you will do well on the test you have to retake, so then it might set you up right where you are again now.
My friend is in pharmacy school right now and loves it. During her summers she is able to travel right now. I am not sure what your major was, you remind me of someone that was in a similar position. She majored in chemistry and then became a cosmetologist to make beauty products. I would think what you really want to do with the rest of your life. Do you want to be in the pharmacy world working with medicines, or would you like to work with patients on people's teeth.
Good luck!

If I was to continue with a gap year I would consider doing work experience such as dental assistant and also get more pharmacy experience and then depending on my test score I will be able to move forward. I can also defer my pharmacy place for a year so I won’t lose that space. I really don’t won’t to pick the wrong thing, I get good grades but it worries me whether I would be able to handle how difficult dentistry is like the exams. I know pharmacy is hard but it seems Like something that is more manageable. In terms of what I see myself doing, both are something I see my self doing. Jas K.

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Zeina’s Answer

After-all, its what you see yourself most doing. If you see yourself doing both things and liking both equally, It is not an easy decision to make thats for sure :) But this also means that whatever option you will go for you will do good at.

As a Pharmacist, currently working in a multinational company, career wise, I can say that Pharmacy offers you multiple career paths amd choices from Academia to Research, Corporate and retail, and several more options (Meanwhile your career options are limited with dentistry) From the Pay aspect, If you see yourself working in Corporate and Multinational companies, this is what will pay you the most (rewarding at younger age) relative to Academia and Retail.

Studying wise, I believe both Dentistry and Pharmacy require very similar amount of effort and dedication.

Lastly, I think if you go into Pharmacy, you can transfer your first year credits to Dentistry if later on you change your mind (this was the case back in my university, am not sure how it goes in your university).

Hope this was helpful
Best of luck

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Carla’s Answer

Dentistry will pay more if that's what you're after, and also will give you a regular 8-5 schedule. Pharmacists sometimes have more erratic schedules depending on what kind of job they have but you will have more opportunities in different fields as a pharmacist, more choices.

I understand dentistry definitely pays more but would pharmacy also pay decent enough to live a comfortable life and also be able to spend on holidays and family as an example or is just a lot of education for rough pay? Because here in the uk it takes the same amount of time to do both degrees just dentistry pays more but is harder to get into so I’m wondering if just for a little more money I’d be stressing myself out. Thank you Jas K.

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Hanna’s Answer

You would be able to have a comfortable life with both degrees. You might however want to take more time to think about which one you can see yourself enjoying more. It's nice to look forward to going to work and feeling fulfilled.