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Very confused as to whether I should wait a year to do dentistry or go into pharmacy this year

I have the grades to do both courses but in order to get into dentistry I need to redo an exam and wait a year. Yet I could go into pharmacy this year if I want. The real issue is I don’t know which career to go for because of the life style after the degree. I want to live a comfortable life...


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Should I take anatomy and physiology along with Pharmacology and Nutrition?

Hello there So in summer I term which starts 06/04/2020 and ends on 07/01/2020 I will plan to take anatomy and physiology level 2 which is 4 credits in 5 weeks. Now along with that class, I'm planning (or deciding) whether or not I should take pharmacology which is 3 credits. However, there...

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When should you start thinking about college?

I am interested in going to school to become either a surgeon or a doctor....


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Does taking IB have an impact on the application for University?

So I'm in high school and am completing the IB diploma, but I was wondering whether it has an impact on university decisions on applications. #university...


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