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Shanghai, China

Within 40 mile radius
Julia’s Avatar
Julia Jul 28, 2023 269 views

How can I find online internships for pre-med students?

I can’t seem to find any internships that don’t require a bachelors degree or years of experience, but I can’t get experience without at least getting a job or internship first. What platforms are good for finding internships for pre-med students?

Jason’s Avatar
Jason May 17, 2019 517 views

I study International Business in my college, how can I work in data industry, such as AI, machine learning and data analysis in the future?


Jing’s Avatar
Jing Feb 09, 2018 726 views

24-year-old adults want to re-enter university

Hello, I am a Chinese student. I did not go to college because of the entrance failure. After several years, I did not have a clear goal of life. But people always grow and realize, and I think now I know very well how I want to be educated and want to be a good person. May I ask what kind of...

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