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What exactly, is the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist?

i dont know whether i want to be a psychologist or psychiatrist. I want to work with married people, going through a divorce. Do both of them work with people who are going through a divorce? #psychology #psychiatry

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Akshat’s Answer

Psychiatrists typically spend more time with the "medicinal cure", and Psychologists typically spend more time with the "talking cure". For example, a person may come in saying, "I cry so much and I can't figure out why."

The psychiatrist will listen to the person, but spend more time looking for specific symptoms that make him cry. After the session, she may prescribe a medication and then do follow ups to see how the person is progressing with the medication.

A psychologist will listen to the person, but spend more time helping the person figure out the circumstances in his life that make him cry so much. What tasks or actions can the person do to improve his sense of well being?

It's much more common to see a Psychologist (Therapist) working with divorced couples.