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Does the Air force or the Navy have better benefits?

I have been debating on whether or not I should join the military. If I did I would either join the Air force or the Navy. they both will give me great benefits for college and for my career field aeronautical engineering.
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3 answers

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Robert’s Answer

The benefits like retirement, education, and pay will be the same in all of the services. If you are deciding between the Air Force and Navy, you should look at the difference in their missions and locations as well as the particular job you are interested in. Sailors tend to spend allot of time at sea and so their bases are typically located on the coasts, although not all of them are. The Air Force locations are usually in more remote locations inland, although they also have some bases along the coast.

Robert recommends the following next steps:

Since you are interested in Aeronautical Engineering, I would suggest you look into colleges that offer Air Force and Navy ROTC. If your grades are good, you can likely qualify for an ROTC scholarship and enter the military as an officer where the pay and leadership opportunities are greater. Look online for information on Air Force and Navy ROTC. Best of luck to you.

Do a little research on the internet. Air Force is by far the best. Housing, food, etc. Plus, you're never stationed on big gray ships that'll make you throw up. While my dad was serving as a Marine in Iraq, he had to sleep on dirt while the Air Force was transported back into the city to sleep in four-star hotels. Even Airmen who take Army training courses are sometimes given a "sub-standard allowance" because their living conditions aren't up to par with the Air Force. Take AFROTC in college: their curriculum is Aerospace studies. If you're going to go the academy route, just look at how the AF Academy is a lot nicer than the Naval Academy. The NA offers Aerospace Engineering, while the AFA offers Aeronautical Engineering. Then become a Developmental Engineer Officer. Good luck! Christian S.

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Garth’s Answer

Haven, If you join as enlisted (not an officer) you will go through boot camp in both services. Once you get passed bootcamp, you will may be offered some job options, or you may assigned a position at some Navy or AF Base with no input from you. One thing to consider is that Air Force tends to promote their enlisted people more slowly than the Navy. Another consideration is how long you want to stay in the Navy or Air Force.

If you can get into either the Navy or Air Force Academies, Christian's advice is your best route.

Garth recommends the following next steps:

Find a the political representative who can nominate you for appointment to the Academy you decide to go to.

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Rory’s Answer

The benefits for both services are similar if not the same. Active duty have their basic health care, food, clothing, shelter provided; although you will have to get used to the "basic" variety of those things. You want to be as "healthy" as you can be when you start a career. Some medical/dental issues the military will take the time and resources to address may also interrupt or alter your chosen or scheduled career training path.

Rory recommends the following next steps:

Get a physical