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Brayden R. Oct 22, 2015 1065 views

How long do you have to go to school to be in the military

Because I want to serve for my country like my grandpa did #engineer #military #army #air-force...


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Rylan B. Oct 23, 2015 788 views

what degree do you need to be a marine core officer

Hi im in 6th garde and want to know what degree you need to be a marine core officer #technology #tech...


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Ankur G. Mar 07, 2016 810 views

I heard that a lot of pilots come from the military. Is that a requirement?

I’d like to be a pilot, but I don’t want to join the military. Would I be at a disadvantage? #aviation...


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Margot M. Mar 07, 2016 2321 views

Do pilots and flight attendants work as part of the same flight crew every single flight, or do you work with different people every flight?

If you work with each other routinely, do you develop friendships and spend your free time together when you're in cities other than your home city? Do you work better because you're friends? This question was posted by a CareerVillage administrator on behalf of the students of CareerVillage....

#pilot #flight-attendant #aviation #airline-industry

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Derrin K. Mar 08, 2016 659 views

How are job responsibilities delegated for inflight crews?

How do you decided on who does what? Do you earn more responsibilities with seniority? #aviation #airline-industry...


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Eric C. Mar 08, 2016 4744 views

Is it common for former Airforce pilots to end up working as commerical pilots?

What are the statistics? Which education is better: commerical pilot school or military pilot training? This question was posted by a CareerVillage administrator on behalf of the students of CareerVillage. #aviation #airline-industry #pilot...


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Griffin P. Mar 08, 2016 808 views

What are some of the similarities and differences between pilot school and flight engineer school?

I'm not yet sure which career I would like to pursue yet, but know what type of training is required for each will help me make a better decision. #aviation...


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Randall C. Mar 09, 2016 657 views

What exactly does a test pilot do? How would I go about becomming one?

I would love to hear more about being a test pilot. What exactly do you do? What steps did you take to become one? Why did you decide to be a test pilot and not a commercial airline pilot? I'm asking because I really want to fly planes for a living but i'm scared to have so many lives in my...

#pilot #aviation #airline-industry

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triston N. Mar 10, 2016 587 views

How would i take biology by going into the army.

I would like to be in the army but i would also like to study biology at the same time. #science #medicine...


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louis A. Mar 28, 2016 605 views

how do I get into the military through college.

I want to serve like my cousin. #military...


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Peter S. Apr 01, 2016 536 views

Is there a way to get military paid education for policing education?

I Live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I would like to receive education in a college or university for policing however would also like to experience being in the army. Getting military paid education where I would then serve in the army after my education seems like the perfect way to get both of...

#military #police #army

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Madevi B. May 03, 2016 411 views
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Carmen M. May 15, 2016 395 views

If I choose to take ROTC in college does that shut me out of being able to play sports?

I am trying to decide whether I should play sports or join ROTC, but I feel like if I choose one I will be shut out of the other. #recruiting #sports-coaching #college #military #career #career-counseling...


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Ulises M. May 19, 2016 616 views

How do you get a job at the Pentagon?

What steps do we to get in to the Pentagon ? #military...


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Ruth E. May 26, 2016 1238 views

Is it possible for individuals to be accepted into the ROTC Program that do not have a high enough ACT or SAT score?

Many individuals are really bad test takers, but will work harder than anyone who got an outstanding score on the ACT. If you can prove to the College that you want to attend, as well as the ROTC Program, is it at all possible to be accepted into the ROTC Program even if your scores aren't to...

#military #professor #rotc #college