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Ruth May 26, 2016 2498 views

Is it possible for individuals to be accepted into the ROTC Program that do not have a high enough ACT or SAT score?

Many individuals are really bad test takers, but will work harder than anyone who got an outstanding score on the ACT. If you can prove to the College that you want to attend, as well as the ROTC Program, is it at all possible to be accepted into the ROTC Program even if your scores aren't to...

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Ruth May 26, 2016 1130 views

What would be the best major to study if you are mainly interested in IT?

There are many majors surrounding computers to chose from such as Computer Engineering or Computer Science; which major would be the best if you are trying to learn about IT and Cyber Warfare in the Air Force? #computer-science #computer-engineering #military #air-force #cyber-defense

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Ruth May 26, 2016 995 views

How would one go straight to becoming an Officer in the Air Force from AFROTC?

I am going to be doing AFROTC in college, and would like more information for how to go right from graduating from ROTC to being an Officer in the United States Air Force. #military #air-force #rotc